Taylor Mill, KY Motor Vehicle Accident Help

If you reside in Taylor Mill Kentucky, KY., and were part of a severe auto accident or collision with a semi, a lot of your worries are really just beginning. Being involved with a car accident brings many headaches, for example medical bills, lost wages and repair bills for the car itself.

If the car wreck was caused by the negligence of the other party, you very well may be able to file a claim against them.

And if the automobile crash was so severe that permanent injuries resulted from it, or a member of the family lost their life, you may be able to file a lawsuit seeking additional damages.

However first things first. If you were involved in a severe auto accident in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, and it was not your fault, do not talk with anyone from the other parties insurance company.

Most of these people are trained to provide you with the lowest amount of cash possible and close the incident as quickly as possible.

So, prior to talking with anyone, call an attorney if the vehicle accident was severe.

A talented car accident attorney will be able to handle the car insurance company, address the hospital bills, and lost wages.

And if there is permanent personal injuries because of the the car or truck accident, an attorney can pursue a personal injury suit on behalf of the victims, or the family if there was a fatality.

Should you need assistance, I’d like to be the one you contact.

Why not give my office a call at 859.441.5400 for you to explore what options you have.

The phone call is definitely free, and we will spend several minutes discussing your situation.

We’ll review insurance issues, medical bills, and lost wages.

After which, I will make a number of suggestions.

I’ve been assisting residents of N. Kentucky with motor vehicle accident claims and lawsuits for many years.

And one of my clients received the largest jury award ever in the state of Kentucky after she lost her daughter after an accident involving a truck.

All you have to have to do is pick up the telephone and give me a call.

I will spend time addressing your questions.

I will not pressure you to do anything – I’ll just respond to your questions and present solutions.

And in the event that you decide to have me help you, terrific.

If not, you will at least be better prepared to think about the choices that you have.

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